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Keila is connected to Tallinn, Paldiski and various other destinations via rail. While the town’s economy is largely connected to Tallinn, a part of the workforce commuting to the capital daily, it is a site for industry in itself, possessing a developed industrial park with all the needed connections, making it suitable for logistics as well as production activities. Keila is home to Ensto Ensek, the Foreign Investor of the Year in 2021. Keila, together with nearby Paldiski is striving to be a part of Estonia’s Hydrogen Valley initiative.

The bigger parks (Keskpark, Jõepark, Männik), the green spaces and the pine forests in the western part of the area make Keila a green and people-friendly city. n the city of Keila, on the street of Tööstuse, the business park of Tööstuse, developed by Harju KEK, together with several private industrial areas, is located.

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Keila is a small city with 10 078 inhabitants in northern Estonia, located 25 km west of the capital city of Tallinn. The area of the city is 11,25 km2 with one half of it densely populated. The other half is covered with forests, meadows and swamps. The eastern part of Keila is bordered by the Keila river that flows into the Gulf of Finland near Keila-Joa. Keila, being the centre of Lääne-Harjumaa, is passed through by highways and a railroad to Paldiski and western Estonia (to Haapsalu). Well-developed entrepreneurship offers many jobs not just for people of Keila, but also for those from neighbouring parishes and Tallinn. All of the larger industrial areas are located in the outskirts of the city.

Success stories
Woola is an Estonian company that produces residual wool bubble wrap that can be used to pack delicate items. Approximately 90% of wool produced in Estonia remains unused. It makes about 153 tons of wool a year, ending either in a landfill or underground. Recently, Woola also won the title of newcomer of the year at the Estonian Startup Awards.
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Tallinna Sadam
The Port of Tallinn has an ambitious plan to develop a hub for the Baltic Sea green infrastructure in Estonia together with its partners, which would contribute to Estonia's climate neutrality goals and increase the country's competitiveness. The best ways to convert ferries to hydrogen are also being sought, and cruise ships will be offered the ability to refuel in the Old Port.
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Glamox is a leading supplier of lighting solutions for professional buildings, providing the perfect solution for schools, healthcare, commercial and commercial buildings, shops, hotels and restaurants. We are proud to present the two Luxo product families that have been awarded the Red Dot Diania Awards in the product design category.
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