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Paldiski Ettevõtjate Liit on tunnustatud aasta panustaja 2019

The biggest enterprises have concentrated to the centre of the parish in Paldiski  ( Alexela Group, Paldiski Lõunasadam, Paldiski Põhjasadam, Esteve, Kuusakoski etc.)

The investors, entrepreneurs, visitors and new habitants all show a lively interest in Paldiski. The Paldiski area is favouring entrepreneurship with its proximity to the capital city, maritime and rail connections, and abundance of space. Paldiski is the only city that hosts a wind farm in its territory that can generate more green energy than the city needs when operating on full power.

Paldiski is known as an industrial area of the Baltic Sea where the business environment develops together with the living environment. Renewable energy, recovery and environmental way of thinking are all important in the centre of the Green parish.

Local companies have adopted technologies and means to make their activities as cost-effective and less environmentally exhausting as possible.

The Green parish seeks to prove that the industry and a quality living environment can co-exist and complement each other.

Lääne-Harju parish is closely cooperating with the Pakri science and industrial park. Together they are on their way to developing Paldiski into a future/Greentech area.

The neighbouring local authorities of Lääne-Harju parish are the city of Keila, Harku parish, Saue parish and Lääne-Nigula parish. The area of the parish is 644 km².

In terms of the number of habitants, the parish is placed 22-nd in Estonia. The area of the parish makes it the 2nd largest in Harjumaa. The focus of this project is on the industrial areas of the city of Paldiski.

An excellent logistical and geographical location, existing infrastructure, ports, rail connection with its potential development, existing workforce and a tight collaboration between the entrepreneurs and the city government are the firm basis of the area becoming one of the most well known and best-recognised business and living environments.

There are a total of 4 active industrial parks in Paldiski, covering an area of 623 ha, of which 163 ha has development plans. A substantial part of the employment and revenue of the enterprises comes from sectors related to transport and storage.

There is an active association of entrepreneurs: in Paldiski. With the support of entrepreneurs, an international investing conference  „Teistmoodi Paldiski“, is being held.

The Paldiski Association of Entrepreneurs has been awarded the title „Aasta panustaja 2019“.

The living environment of Paldiski.


The popularity of Paldiski is growing and the new-look city is being discovered by more and more tourists, entrepreneurs, investors, high-ranking domestic and foreign guests, and of course also those who want to live here. Thanks to good transport connections and proximity, Paldisk is essentially growing into a suburb of Tallinn.

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