harjumaa business environment for global business services and supply chain sectors
companies with a tradition and successful start-ups.
reason for investing in harju county
state and local government support for business establishment. retained earnings are not subject to corporate income tax. taxes can be fully declared online. there are a number of useful subsidies and incentives available to foreign investors.
expand your business based on the value chain or create a completely new approach
good logistical connections and ice-free ports.
focusing mainly on manufacturing, logistics and energy.

why harjumaa?

Harju County is located in northern Estonia, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. The capital and largest city of Estonia is Tallinn, making it the largest county in Estonia in terms of population. Almost half (45%) of the Estonian population lives in Harju County, about 617,000 inhabitants.

The population and economy of Harju County are growing, and the economic growth of the region is also a major contributor to Estonia’s overall international competitiveness. The people of Harju County stand out for their entrepreneurial mindset. More than 50% of the companies established in Estonia are established in Harju County (incl. Tallinn) every year, and the same applies to the number of existing companies.

Harju County has had successful investments for two decades, from international companies to high-growth start-ups.

The economy of Harju County is characterized by the diversity of activities and the concentration of companies (for example, Paldiski, Keila, Saue, Harku). The economy is strongly influenced by the county centers and the proximity of the state capital (Tallinn).


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why develop business in Estonia?

smart people Estonians are high achievers from an early age. IT skills are taught extensively in primary school, and our students rank in the top 10 globally in science, mathematics and reading at the secondary school level. The majority of our workforce is multilingual and value added is high, Estonia recently ranked 1st in Europe for entrepreneurial employee activity and competitiveness. The nation’s digital mindset makes our workforce highly adaptable. Our workers also possess world class skills. In the Industrial sector we excel in engineering and electronics while in IT we are recognised leaders in software development, high-tech systems and cyber security. Design, engineering and digital expertise are increasingly integrated, making Estonia a pioneer in the fields of IOT, Blockchain and telecommunications.

Estonia consistently ranks as one of the most open, competitive and transparent economies in the world. This success is due to a commitment to low red tape, the rule of law and significant investment in infrastructure and human capital. Ultra-high IT usage across the economy creates significant efficiencies, real-time data and flexible, scalable business models. Estonia’s R&D ecosystem and digital capabilities make it an innovation hotspot. Successful startups include TransferWise and Starship Technologies. Global giants like Ericsson, Arvato, and NATO all conduct R&D in Estonia. The Estonian government, a pioneer in smart grids and electric vehicles, has a successful R&D partnership with Telia in 5G telecommunication and Google in location technologies.

As a result of its two-decade commitment to IT, Estonia is the world’s most advanced digital society and recognised leader in digital skills, infrastructure and legislation. We have unique capabilities in the research, development and application of software, high-tech systems, digital identity technologies and telecommunications. Our companies lead the world in blockchain, connected networks, and cleantech, and are at the cutting edge of IOT, big data, automation and real-time computing. We are also the first country in the world to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s advanced digital society, allowing to securely authenticate online and start and manage an Estonian company location-independent. Estonia boasts a full digital ecosystem, world class cyber-security, and soon-to-be 5G infrastructure. Homegrown successes like Fortumo, Guardtime and Skeleton Technologies mix with global giants like Microsoft, CGI and Fujitsu, to create dynamic environment ideal for investment and innovation.

Estonia is one of the most globalised economies in the world. Foreign ownership is high and output exported across all key sectors of the economy. As a full EU- and Eurozone member with a competitive economy, Estonia increasingly serves as a base for pan-European activity. A history rich in trade, now augmented by modern integrated supply chains, makes the country a preferred location for doing business with the Nordic region and Germany. In the Industrial sector global giants like ABB and Ericsson export Estonian-produced products worldwide. In the IT sector over 130 countries utilise our solutions and we research, develop and support global software and systems 24/7 in multiple languages. As technology redefines business and borders, Estonia is the scalable location for the 21st Century.

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Success stories
Woola is an Estonian company that produces residual wool bubble wrap that can be used to pack delicate items. Approximately 90% of wool produced in Estonia remains unused. It makes about 153 tons of wool a year, ending either in a landfill or underground. Recently, Woola also won the title of newcomer of the year at the Estonian Startup Awards.
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Muuga Harbour_Renee Altrov (13)
Tallinna Sadam
The Port of Tallinn has an ambitious plan to develop a hub for the Baltic Sea green infrastructure in Estonia together with its partners, which would contribute to Estonia's climate neutrality goals and increase the country's competitiveness. The best ways to convert ferries to hydrogen are also being sought, and cruise ships will be offered the ability to refuel in the Old Port.
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Glamox is a leading supplier of lighting solutions for professional buildings, providing the perfect solution for schools, healthcare, commercial and commercial buildings, shops, hotels and restaurants. We are proud to present the two Luxo product families that have been awarded the Red Dot Diania Awards in the product design category.
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