industrial areas

industrial areas in paldiski

Paldiski is located in a very good logistical and geographical location 52 km from Tallinn, the existing infrastructure, ports, railway connection and its development potential, manpower, and close cooperation between the City Government and entrepreneurs are a solid basis for the region to become one of the best known and recognized business and living environments in the Baltic Sea.

industrial areas in keila

Keila is located 25 km from Tallinn and Paldiski, near the major highways Tallinn-Paldiski mnt and the Tallinn ring road. Excellent public transport connection to Tallinn in the form of car, bus and train traffic.

industrial areas in saue

Saue Parish is located on an area of 627.61 km2 west of Tallinn. The location of the city is ideal for the development of light industry and warehousing and logistics businesses, as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kanama viaduct, which allows quick access to the Tallinn ring road, Pärnu highway and Tallinn.

industrial areas harku

Kumna-Tutermaa is located 20 km from Tallinn and 30 km from Paldiski, near major highways along Tallinn-Paldiski road and Tallinn ring road. Excellent public transport connection to Tallinn and Keila.

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