industrial areas in Harku

The business real estate in the Harku area

Highway connection:

Kumna-Tutermaa – Paldiski port 25 km
Kumna-Tutermaa – Vanasadam 25 km
Kumna-Tutermaa – TLL 37 km

Kumna-Tutermaa is located 20km from Tallinn and 30 km from Paldiski, near major highways and next to the Tallinn-Paldiski highway and Tallinn roundabout. An excellent public transport connection with Tallinn and Keila. The only obstacle is the rail connection since the nearest train station is in Keila.

The living conditions of Harku

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A civil society makes it possible for people to show their own-initiative in pursuit of their interests, discuss matters publicly and participate in the decision-making process and collaborative activities.

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